IBP Statement: Cooperation not Discrimination

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines calls out undue discrimination against COVID-19 healthworkers, other frontliners, and patients (denied entry to boarding house, denied transportation, denied admission in some hospitals, etc.). We should not succumb to fear or panic that diminishes our humanity as well as our support and compassion for the victims and frontliners in the health emergency.

Precautionary measures are understandable and desirable but they should remain reasonable and within the bounds of law. The Magna Carta of Patients Rights and Obligations, Magna Carta of Public Health Workers, and other laws or regulations remain effective and must temper and guide the actions and initiatives of everyone.

Filipino lawyers continue to commend and support our healthcare professionals and all the public servants and private volunteers working relentlessly to contain the pandemic. We will uphold their rights and defend them against any inequity or prejudice.

We urge our countrymen to fully cooperate rather than discriminate, show benevolence rather than bias, increase help, not hype.

March 31, 2020

IBP National President and Chairman of the Board of Governors